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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my banner not showing?
Please LOG IN and check the URL of your banner image is correct. Please ensure its size in pixel is 468x60 and less then 15k in file size.
Any banners containing adult photos will not appear. Once you have changed your banner then LOG IN to Request Review.

What does IN and OUT mean?
"IN" means the number of visitors you have sent to us and "OUT" means the number of visitors we have sent to you.

I've just joined, why isn't my site listed?
Your site will be listed as soon as you start sending us two or more visitors using the unique URL/Link.

How do I get the unique URL/Link
Please LOGIN and then click on "get banner/link"

Why is my site not listed any more?
You have to keep sending us at least one visitor every 7 days to remain listed. As soon as you send us a visitor your site will be listed immediately.

How can I improve my ranking?
Visibility is the key. Use an image to link to our site and place them in prominent places where your visitors are likely to click on them. Place them on as many pages as you can.

Using bigger images and positioning them at the top of your page is very effective. You can also use them in your Banner Ad serving system.




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