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“Then… Alright.” Since Hong Dali already said so, Yin Tianzong couldn’t reject him. He thought for a while, then nodded and said, “Then, I shall give you the filming company under my name. You can do whatever you want with it. Hehe, we are brothers in this lifetime. Worst come to worst, I can help you influence the advancement assessment. Hehe.”


I hope Im still in time. The almighty genius has not been found yet. I still have some buffer time. If I am able to defeat the almighty genius En. I better train harder.


Yin Lieyangs wife leisurely sipped her drink and said, smiling, Why are you worrying so much about the young peoples matters? He must have his reasons for doing whatever he is doing.


Compared to Little Mihawk, your swords energy is still too weak. As he spoke, Mister Gate dashed forward. He instantly snatched Tianyi up like a chick and held him in his hands. How would you like a concussion?


Qianxue always liked heroes. I thought that after so many years of trying, I would earn her liking. Who would have thought an almighty genius would appear. With Qianxues character, she is sure to develop feelings for this almighty genius. Its hard to predict what will happen later.


Chuyin! Hahaha! Long time no see! Hong Dali quickly went up to welcome Lin Chuyin. He held Lin Chuyins hands and looked at her carefully as he asked, Have you been training?

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Movies in the Galaxy Alliance Center were on a level from those on Earth. On Earth, with the Holographic Projection, it was sufficient to impress others. But here, Holographic Projection was not enough. Especially since they came from Earth, the big scenes were not impressive.


The great Mister Gates touched his chin and looked at the empty shop. Then, he looked at Mihawk and chuckled. “Speaking of which, there are five shops but only two of us. What do you think we should do?”


“Such a weird kid…” Brother Blue Dragon looked as Hong Dali disappeared. Then, he laid down. “Even dogs can’t kill him?”


They attracted a lot of attention on the wayit was common for people to bring their pets out. But it was rare to see one so big


“Dali,” Tang Muxin asked curiously. “if you want to renovate the shop, you should look for a renovation contractor? Why are you asking Uncle Mihawk? He is a swordsman, not a renovation contractor!”


Alright, respected orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, Sir Tianyi, the other paperwork will be settled later on. The clerk bowed respectfully and secretly thought,This brat is crazy. Heavens will? Damn it. Its heavens will that you became an Honorary Aristocrat? Do you represent God?


A maximum of ten thousand points. Apart from the audition, in order to be the top few, one has to get at least eight or nine thousand points. This competition is really



“When will we be able to contact Master Dali?” To McGregor, Hong Dali was the savior. When he heard about the Zerg coming, the first thing he thought of was to get Hong Dali to return to Earth.



Crack Amused by what Hong Dali said, Jiang Qianxue covered her mouth and laughed. She blushed and said, I feel theres nothing wrong with continuing. Forget it, lets just leave it be. Oh right, if you see anything you like at the auction tomorrow, tell me. I will buy it for you as repayment for your help in helping me resolve my preoccupation.


Actually, it was nothing for parents and their children to not see each other for ten over days. But it was a little different for Hong Dali—how far apart was Earth from the Galaxy Alliance Center?


“Oh?” Hearing the guard’s report, Yin Lieyang nodded in satisfaction and said, “Not bad. Tell them to do this nicely. After they’ve wiped out this batch of Zergs, I will help to apply a Second-grade Honor for him! He will definitely be rewarded with what he deserves! Haha, it’s everyone’s duty to kill the Zergs, tell him to fight this battle nicely!”

  • The reason was simple, he wanted to return to Earth. He even got the coordinates. But he could not do so…
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