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He would have to watch Jiang Qianxue. If she fell in love with this super-genius, if this super-genius was not a Galaxy Aristocrat, it would be problematic!


Everyone nodded in unison. As a Galaxy Aristocrat, Jiang Qianxue did not follow them to the appraisal room but came to the auction directly. They did not know what she was doing inside the hall. But seeing so many Galaxy Aristocrats spacecraft, everyone could more or less guess. Who else had the ability to gather so many Galaxy Aristocrats here except the beauty Jiang Qianxue?


“Can you not be so ridiculous?!” Hong Dali was practically pulling his hair out. “I am a prodigal, not a love expert! I don’t even know what to do in a relationship!”


“What?” Gate randomly picked up a piece of armor and felt it for a while. He was immediately shocked. “These gems are all top grade! The attributes they add are quite good.”


“Brat, why didn’t you go challenge the Tower of Trials? Why did you buy so many things?” Tang Long appeared from the space watch, rested. Previously, he had not thought of asking Hong Dali to attempt the Tower of Trials. In his mind, he thought that Hong Dali would at most be able to get past twenty or so levels. When he saw all the things hong Dali put in his room, he was immediately curious.


Even if Tang Muxin agreed, Jian Qianxue was a Galaxy Aristocrat. Could she tolerate her husband having concubines as well as a fiancée? That was impossible. What if she made him divorce Tang Muxin—no, no, no way!

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Yup, since this little fellow had been born, he naturally needed to treat it with kindness. Hong Dali thought for a while, then said, “Seeing how it produces cracking sounds when it was eating the shell, let’s call it Acka. But I wonder whether it’s a male or female…”


“Wahahaha!” Mister Gate made a thumbs-up sign. “Well done, you’re spirited!”


This name sounds familiar. The mysterious old man thought for a while and suddenly exclaimed, Is he eighteen or nineteen years old, looks very kind, always smiling. One glance and you can tell hes not scheming? Orange-level Honorary Aristocrat?


Honorary Aristocrat? The mysterious old man touched his chin. Oh yes, what is his name?


In the skies in the virtual world, a large announcement appeared. On it was written—


People who were trained in martial arts rarely revealed any flaws no matter whether it was a small gesture of raising a hand, talking, drinking, etc. One could tell from their actions that they were ready to attack anytime.


Well, go back and practice more. The clerk instructed. In one and a half months, on the first of December, there will be an Advancement assessment at 8 AM. If you successfully pass level twenty of the Tower of Trials in the meantime, you can directly become an Honorary Aristocrat. If you have not passed level twenty and there are still slots available, you can join the promotion exam. Try your best, young man. I like you.



“This brat.” Tang Muxin covered her mouth and laughed delicately. “That’s really too far-fetched. Hehe.” Li Nianwei and everyone else nodded in agreement.



Pick up girls? Huaqing appeared odd. He looked at Tianyi, then turn around to look at Tang Muxin and the other two ladies on the bench. Finally, his gaze froze on Jiang Qianxue, who was among the crowd. He was shocked as he quickly bowed. I didnt think Miss Qianxue would be here. Gold-level Honorary Aristocrat Mu Huaqing greets my Lord.


Gate snuck his head in front of Aces face, making his heart beat wildly in shock. Come look for me after you have confirmed the news. Im having fun here. He pointed at Hong Dali. This brat has bought me for one hundred and twenty thousand a month. I should stay here for at least a month.


The main reason for his return was to show his parents that he was safe and well. He must not forget about that.

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